ColoriQue ~ Grape Vine

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ColoriQue is an ink & resin based product developed by Clearsnap® and jewelry designer and artist Lisa Marie Jimenez to bring artistic color to metal.

Whether you want a patina effect, single color or a fine detailed design, Colorique can do it all.

ColoriQue works on brass (both plated and raw) and most metals, wood, ceramic, clay, leather, glass and more.

Perfect for the jewelry or mixed media artist.

  • 14 opaque colors to choose from and a clear coat.
  • Product is easily applied and dries quickly. 
  • Heat embossing is recommended to set the color. 
  • Studio Safe
  • Easy clean up with warm water & soap
  • Made in the USA

Color: Grape Vine
Size: 1 oz bottle

**2nd picture and jewelry shown as examples and not included in listing.
Colors vary with monitor settings.