My name is Lisa Marie Jimenez and I am exciting to share with you my Faux Stone Pendant made with my new product line: Colorbox® Colorique. It was so easy to achieve the vibrant colors on this clay pendant by using the Colorique line. The sealant to the line gives the pendant its high gloss to mimic that of a fired glaze. Adding color to clay and ceramics is just one of the many mediums that Colorique will work on. Let’s see how I made this Aztec pendant:

Colorbox® Colorique by Lisa Marie Jimenez; Turquoise Mountain, Honey Bee, Poppy
Colorbox® Sealant by Lisa Marie Jimenez
Colorbox® Molding Mat, Jumbalaya
Activa® LaDoll Natural Stone Clay
Etched Jumpring, Antique Copper, 8mm (2)
Jumpring, Antique Copper, 4mm (2)
Hook & Eye Clasp Set, Antique Copper
Wire 20 Ga, Antique Copper
Oval Link Chain, Antique Copper, 8”
Ceramic Beads; Yellow, Turquoise
Peanut Seed Beads, Copper

Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers (2 sets)
Chain Nose Pliers
Bead Reamer
Paint Brushes
Craft Mat
Sponge Sanding Block
Embossing Heat Tool
Clay Roller
Clay Slicer


1. Prepare the clay according to manufacturer’s instructions. Roll the clay to an 1/8 inch thickness and then cut a 2 inch x 1 inch rectangle.

2. Place the Jumbalaya Molding Mat, pattered side down and then use the clay roller to imprint the pattern into the clay. Use the bead reamer to make a hole in the clay at the top. Set the clay aside to dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Place a small amount of Colorbox® Colorique Turquoise Mountain, Honey Bee and Poppy onto the craft mat. Use a paint brush to apply the colors to the clay. Dry each color as you go with an embossing tool.

4. Lightly sand the surface of the pendant with the sponge sanding block. This will allow the clay color to show through, giving the pendant a “real” ceramic pendant look. If you remove too much color, repaint the design. Set the pendant aside for 3-4 hours for the Colorique to fully cure.

5. Apply a thin coat of the Colorbox® Colorique Sealant to the pendant. Set aside to air dry.

6. Using the ceramic beads and the copper wire, make (2) 5 inch sections of hand wrapped beaded chain. See main picture as reference for design. Separate the oval chain into (2) 4 inch section.

7. Assemble the necklace as shown in the main picture. Finished length of the necklace is 20”. To adjust the length, add or subtract the amount of oval link chain used.

Your design is now finished and you have an Aztec pendant that resembles one that has been fired with a high glaze. Adding color to the air dry clay was easy to do using the Colorique line. There are 14 vibrant colors in the line, which ones will you use on your next clay project?